i2iEDU's Mission

Bring joy, fun, and love into the classroom

i2iEDU's mission is to bring joy into the classroom by training educators in Improv to Improve, a social-emotional program for students. i2iEDU provides no-cost improvisation classes for educators in participating schools and school districts; and presenting professional development at conferences, meetings, and in-school staff trainings. Improvisation classes for educators will provide the motivation and experience with the program games to fully implement Improv to Improve in the classroom. The classes will also provide educators with a much needed respite from the pressure and stress of the classroom while building a sense of community and trust amongst teachers. The professional development trainings will build on the games played in the classes to train teachers how to play the games in order to foster the social-emotional learning outcomes desired. 

"We want to implement a program that teaches children to deal with stress and how to navigate that stress so they can feel good about school again." 

Lisa Poskanzer, Founder

How i2iEDU Does It

  • Provides funds to schools/districts to pay teachers to attend the improvisation classes i2iEDU offers

  • Provides professional development classes for teachers to implement i2i in the classroom 

  • Provides access to online resources for trained teachers and schools to further enhance the implementation of i2i

  • Improvisation classes for teachers will take place at the school in which the teachers work, as will the professional development classes 

Want to Join In the Fun?