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Our gift to teachers

i2iEDU believes that in order to have successful students, we must set teachers up for success. Our professional development begins with giving teachers a place to relearn how to play while treating them like the professionals they are. Joyful, relaxed teachers bring their own emotional stability into the classroom to then support the social emotional learning of their students.

i2iEDU provides ongoing professional development opportunities for teachers to learn how to play games and implement them in their classrooms. Our aim is to create a single school culture of inclusion, friendship, and fun. We believe starting with the teachers is the best way to impact students. 

i2iEDU provides schools with fully funded implementation, paid training in improvisation for teachers, age-appropriate game packs for each teacher, and an online support community. After learning how to play the games themselves, the teachers will have access to i2iEDU’s video training and resources for classroom implementation.

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