Our gift to Students

i2iEDU provides a supportive environment for children to learn and practice SEL skills which will enhance their confidence and support their success in school. And isn't an engaged, interested, successful student a goal we all support?

When in class, there are few opportunities throughout the day for a child to explore a topic without the pressure of getting the answer “right.” Our improvisational games not only provide students with an opportunity to play without the fear of being wrong, but do so while fostering teamwork, building empathy, and spreading joy throughout the classroom.


Games are designed for whole-class involvement  to build student-to-student and student-to-teacher connections, and to encourage a classroom culture of friendship and inclusion. Improv to Improve believes that a class that plays together has fun together, works well together, and cares for each other.

Our games are designed to help students practice specific skills such as attentively looking at a speaker, taking turns, listening and responding, developing language, building community with classmates, creative problem solving, and decision making. By playing these games, children are participating in explicit practices of positive behaviors and relationship strategies while receiving positive support and feedback from peers as well as from instructors. Our games are easy to play even with limited English proficiency, making our program suitable and accessible for students from all different backgrounds.